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Bushin is a mixed martial art, blending together elements of Boxing, Kick boxing, Muay thai, Shorinji kempo, JKD, Krav maga, BJJ, Defence lab and more. It is an effective, tried and tested system to defend against aggressive assailants, multiple opponents & street thugs.

Where most martial arts and self defence classes only teach you how to handle a one on one situation on your feet, Bushin goes much further to train you to protect yourself and your loved ones against numerous scenarios such as multiple attackers, being attacked whilst seated on a tube or bus stop, being attacked or grabbed from behind, being attacked by an armed attacker, recovering from being knocked to the ground and more.

Its a truly holistic martial art for today’s world.

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London Victoria, Pimlico & Croydon Martial Arts is a friendly inclusive club where everyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves, get fit and increase their skills and confidence is welcome to come and train safely in a supportive environment with attentive instructors.

Our Martial Arts classes take place in Pimlico and Victoria (and from May 25th 2023 Croydon) and are for all levels from beginner to black belt. We have students with a range of different levels of experience and will always ensure students are appropriately partnered up based on size, weight and individual skill levels.

You don’t need to already be fit or flexible to join our Martial Arts classes and there is no requirement for you to have any previous Martial Arts experience. 


There are many great reasons to join our martial arts classes in Pimlico or our class in Croydon:

  • Self Defence: Our Martial arts classes teach you self defence techniques that can be useful in real-world situations. By learning how to protect yourself, you can feel more confident and prepared to handle potential threats.

  • Fitness: Martial arts training is a great way to improve your physical fitness. You'll engage in a full-body workout that can help build strength, improve flexibility, and increase endurance.

  • Discipline: Martial arts training requires discipline and focus. You'll learn how to set goals and work towards achieving them, which can translate into other areas of your life such as work or school.

  • Camaraderie: Joining our martial arts classes can also provide a sense of community and camaraderie. You'll train alongside others who share your interests, and you'll have the opportunity to build friendships and connections.


Our classes in Pimlico & Croydon offer experienced instructors, a supportive community, and a welcoming environment for all levels. Whether you're a beginner or have prior experience, we can help you achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself.

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Kickboxing classes in Victoria. Kickboxing, Boxing, Self Defence and MMA training classes and 1 to 1 personal training available in London Westminster, Victoria, Pimlico & Croydon


7pm to 9pm

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St Gabriel's Church Hall, Churchill Gardens, London SW1V 3AA, UK

07846 194099

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Select either a FREE trial group class or one of our personal training options below.

WEEKLY CLASSES - Pimlico / Victoria

Come and try out our weekly class with 1 FREE trial session.

No contract, no obligation and best of all no cost! Book below.

DETAILS - Both Classes and PT sessions are for adults only (18 and over).

Balance of PT sessions should be paid on the day of the session if not before.


These require a non refundable deposit to secure your booking and you will need to arrange the venue.

This is a very cost effective option for small or large groups wanting to get all the benefits of personal training with their friends and family along as well.

*See terms and conditions part of booking form for terms and conditions regarding outdoor training

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